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Beyond Humanity: House Kheperu Gather 2014 Presentation

See the presentation slideshow text here. Resources and Further Reading: O. Scribner’s Non-Fiction Writings: Three extensive projects in .pdf form by O. Scribner: a comprehensive history of the otherkin community, a directory of otherkin and therian writings, and a book-list. … Continue reading

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Not Completely Human: The Online Life of Therians and Otherkin

This is the translation of an article by Olivier Clairouin published in May 2014 in the French newspaper “Le Monde“. I, Akhila, am not the author of the original text. I stayed faithful to the original at the expense of … Continue reading

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Finding Home Away From Home

One recurring theme in the otherkin community (less so in the therian community) is that of Homesickness, a longing ache for one’s place-of-origin, for the world or time or culture that was once home. Ketrino refers to this as the … Continue reading

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Community History and Trends

For those of you who’ve been in the community for a while, what trends and cycles have you noticed? A friend and I were talking about the ‘kin community as essentially having “generations” (feel free to substitute “eras”, “stages”, “phases”, … Continue reading

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Link Roundup and Some News

First, the news: Beyond Awakening now has a Twitter feed, @BeyondAwakening. It’s mostly just announcing new blog posts, but it’ll also occasionally have otherkin-related news, event announcements, and so on. Secondly, the link round up: There has been a ton … Continue reading

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Disclaimer: Discussing Otherkin and Functionality

This isn’t a writing challenge. If anything, it’s a disclaimer and a prelude. You see, I want to write about functionality, health, and otherkin. I want to write about the impact an otherkin identity has on your life, and ways … Continue reading

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Challenge Responses

Last month, I posed a challenge to write about the experience of being otherkin. This garnered some truly excellent responses. I wanted to share what I found scattered across the Internet. Kearil of Clan Nautilus wrote a fascinating account of … Continue reading

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Cinnamon and Myrrh

I identify with phoenix; for far longer, even, than I’ve identified as hawk. Is it a quality of spirit? An archetype? A symbol? I do not believe it to be literal, but – the nature of my connection to and … Continue reading

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Vampire and Otherkin Identity Models

For House Kheperu’s open house this year, I was on a three-person panel on the intersection between psychology, identity, and magic. For my part of it, I mapped out identity development models for otherkin identity and for vampiric identity. I … Continue reading

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Balancing the Trinity Within

I am dragon. And I am cat. I am also human. I am a western dragon – your typical four-legged, two-wings, spikes, all that fun stuff. Yes, I breath fire. Or I like to think I did at one point. … Continue reading

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