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The Wings, the Sky and the Bird

[X-posted from Birds of a Feather] human bodies are temples for the human soul cages for the birds (swanblood, Nonhuman Haiku) I find this haiku beautiful, and at the same time I feel conflicted. I wonder: is it really so? … Continue reading

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Community History and Trends

For those of you who’ve been in the community for a while, what trends and cycles have you noticed? A friend and I were talking about the ‘kin community as essentially having “generations” (feel free to substitute “eras”, “stages”, “phases”, … Continue reading

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Norms, short-term history and the collective memory.

This “essay” stems from recent musings I posted in private elsewhere and which have suscitated interest. I had been reading various websites and blogs from the latest wave of otherkin, and found the recents developments thought-provoking sociologically speaking. When I … Continue reading

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The Ghostly Cat

I’m terribly late for this one, I know. Paper-writing and related academic issues have kept me very busy. Meirya contacted me two months ago about Beyond Awakening’s prompt on animal myths and archetypes, searching for my writing on clouded leopard … Continue reading

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