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Link Roundup and Some News

First, the news: Beyond Awakening now has a Twitter feed, @BeyondAwakening. It’s mostly just announcing new blog posts, but it’ll also occasionally have otherkin-related news, event announcements, and so on. Secondly, the link round up: There has been a ton … Continue reading

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North Wind, Winter Sun, Rough-Legged Hawk

When I speak of hawk, I speak of Buteo lagopus, rough-legged hawk in North America, rough-legged buzzard everywhere else. I do not speak of the true hawks, accipitrinae, goshawks and sparrowhawks and such, bigger and rounder than falcons but still … Continue reading

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Falcons, Myth and Meaning

Every once and awhile, I go blind in my left eye. It is an irritating and inconvenient thing to have happen, an unfortunate side effect of frequent migraine attacks, themselves a product of Lyme Disease.  Blood vessels constrict against the … Continue reading

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Challenge: Exploring the Mythic

I’ve been thinking a lot about myths and symbols lately. There is a long-lasting, prevalent trend in the therianthropy community of making a significant distinction on the difference between one’s animal identity and one’s totem. The basic idea is that … Continue reading

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