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30 Days of Otherkin Challenge List

Thanks to a suggestion from House Hesson, I thought I’d post a list of public blogs that are filling out the 30 Days of Otherkin challenge. If you’re doing this challenge and you’d like to be on this list, please … Continue reading

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Calls for Submissions

There are a few different projects happening in the otherkin/therian/etc community right now, all looking for submissions. I thought I’d gather them in one post. If there are any other projects looking for submissions that aren’t listed here, please comment … Continue reading

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Link Roundup

Some nifty things happening around the ‘kin community online: Birds of a Feather: A resource by and for bird-folk. There’s a lot worth reading there even if you aren’t a bird-person, but if you are, feel free to contribute! There … Continue reading

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Link Roundup and Some News

First, the news: Beyond Awakening now has a Twitter feed, @BeyondAwakening. It’s mostly just announcing new blog posts, but it’ll also occasionally have otherkin-related news, event announcements, and so on. Secondly, the link round up: There has been a ton … Continue reading

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Coping with Past Lives: Articles and Sources

In lieu of an actual article on coping with past lives (which is refusing to be written), and as I’m tired of beating my head against a brick wall of writer’s block, I thought I’d post some links to relevant … Continue reading

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Link: Coping With and Control Of Therianthropy

I stumbled across this article written by RagdollTherian and had to share it here. Coping with and Control of Therianthropy is a very practical list of suggestions and techniques for dealing with control issues as an animal-person. Several of the … Continue reading

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Introductions to Otherkin and Therianthropy

This blog is primarily intended for readers who are familiar with, and identify as, otherkin or therianthropes. However, it occurs to me that people might find this who aren’t familiar with the concepts therein, so here’s a basic “otherkin 101” … Continue reading

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Challenge Responses

Last month, I posed a challenge to write about the experience of being otherkin. This garnered some truly excellent responses. I wanted to share what I found scattered across the Internet. Kearil of Clan Nautilus wrote a fascinating account of … Continue reading

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Challenge: The Experiential Other

The last challenge received a couple of excellent responses on Animal Scribes and Therian Thoughts. Join those communities to read them! The challenges are never “closed”, they’re open writing prompts; so if you still want to write about myth, symbol, … Continue reading

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