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Not Completely Human: The Online Life of Therians and Otherkin

This is the translation of an article by Olivier Clairouin published in May 2014 in the French newspaper “Le Monde“. I, Akhila, am not the author of the original text. I stayed faithful to the original at the expense of … Continue reading

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30 Days of Otherkin Challenge List

Thanks to a suggestion from House Hesson, I thought I’d post a list of public blogs that are filling out the 30 Days of Otherkin challenge. If you’re doing this challenge and you’d like to be on this list, please … Continue reading

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Calls for Submissions

There are a few different projects happening in the otherkin/therian/etc community right now, all looking for submissions. I thought I’d gather them in one post. If there are any other projects looking for submissions that aren’t listed here, please comment … Continue reading

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30 Days of Otherkin Challenge

I wanted some prompts for writing about otherkin, but the original 30 Day Non-Human Challenge was not open-ended enough of a prompt series for my tastes. I decided to make my own, modeled in style more closely after the 30 … Continue reading

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Community Building: Unmet Needs

There’s a fascinating, fantastic thing happening on Werelist right now. They’ve started a subforum called The Barn Raising for supporting development of additional therian sites and resources. There’s a brainstorming thread for identifying unmet needs in the community which has … Continue reading

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Community History and Trends

For those of you who’ve been in the community for a while, what trends and cycles have you noticed? A friend and I were talking about the ‘kin community as essentially having “generations” (feel free to substitute “eras”, “stages”, “phases”, … Continue reading

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Norms, short-term history and the collective memory.

This “essay” stems from recent musings I posted in private elsewhere and which have suscitated interest. I had been reading various websites and blogs from the latest wave of otherkin, and found the recents developments thought-provoking sociologically speaking. When I … Continue reading

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Link Roundup and Some News

First, the news: Beyond Awakening now has a Twitter feed, @BeyondAwakening. It’s mostly just announcing new blog posts, but it’ll also occasionally have otherkin-related news, event announcements, and so on. Secondly, the link round up: There has been a ton … Continue reading

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Otherkin Writings Directory

Orion Sandstorrm has completed and posted a sizable e-book, A Directory of Otherkin Writings and Other Works, Organized by Topic. It is similar to the therian-specific WereLibrary, an index of online therian-related writings, except Orion goes a few steps further. … Continue reading

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