Meirya has been involved in the therian and otherkin communities since 2002. Zie identifies as a rough-legged hawk (Buteo lagopus) and has an archetypal identification with Phoenix. Zie is in zir late 20’s, gender-neutral, queer, and an INTP. Meir has a B.S. of Psychology, worked in the mental health field for 2.5 years, and plans on going to graduate school for transpersonal counseling psychology in 2012. On a religious and spiritual level, Meir is a Kemetic pagan, and is currently studying ceremonial magic with a Golden Dawn temple.

Akhila is a 27-year-old French speaker and post-transition transguy in the social sciences research field. As an animal-person he is both clouded leopard and common raven, and as an animist he is bound to Jaguar, to his Mediterranean homeland, forests and spirits, as well as certain Greek deities. Liminality is a key concept to him as many aspects of his life involve a lot of going back-and-forth between different spheres. He first lurked in the outskirts of the online ‘therian community’ in 2001, and his animality-related articles from 2004 and onwards are available on his website.

Tenshi is a gender-neuter/androgynous male and asexual, and identifies as a falcon avianthrope, yokai and celestial. He has been in the process of “awakening” for roughly nine years, but has not involved himself much in any otherkin or related communities. Spiritually he is more of an atheist as he does not affiliate himself with any religious or spiritual system, boundary or alleged higher power. He currently works in county government and volunteers with various groups on the side. He maintains The Mindbreak.