Beyond Humanity: House Kheperu Gather 2014 Presentation

See the presentation slideshow text here.

Resources and Further Reading:

  • O. Scribner’s Non-Fiction Writings: Three extensive projects in .pdf form by O. Scribner: a comprehensive history of the otherkin community, a directory of otherkin and therian writings, and a book-list.
  • Project Shift: A therianthropy information and resource site. Also check out their Resources page for links to other useful sites and some forum communities.
  • Beyond Awakening: A blog about otherkin and therianthropy. Infrequently updated, but the archives are worthwhile reading.
  • Wiki/FAQ: A somewhat out-of-date but still fairly relevant and informative wiki/FAQ on otherkin. The other Articles on may also be of interest.

Active Forums:

Referenced in Presentation:

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