Calls for Submissions

There are a few different projects happening in the otherkin/therian/etc community right now, all looking for submissions. I thought I’d gather them in one post. If there are any other projects looking for submissions that aren’t listed here, please comment so I can add them.

New projects:

Under the Skin: Therian Community Voices

We are looking for essays from therians to be included in a publication, tentatively titled Under the Skin: Therian Community Voices. The goal of this project is to compile written works by therians or animalistic otherkin which describe their experiences with therianthropy/animality.

If you have essays, stories, or poetry about your animality, or on topics such as shifting, phantom limbs, discovering your theriotype, species dysphoria, or anything else pertaining to your therianthropy, please consider submitting them for this publication.

Nominations are also welcome if there is an essay or poem written by someone else which you would like to suggest to us to potentially include in this work.

Submission requirements:

  • The topic of the work must pertain to therianthropy or experiences of animality from therians and otherkin.
  • The work should be creative and original; consider what makes this experience unique to you, as we want to share a wide variety of experiences and voices.
  • The work must be completed to a relatively polished degree. Please check for grammar, spelling and continuity. If you have a learning difference or if English is not your first language, or if for any other reason you need assistance bringing your writing to a higher level of craft, contact us – we can help.
  • Works of up to 5,000 words in length will be accepted.
  • The author must be available to be contacted for copy-editing.
  • You may submit as many works as you wish; however, only two pieces per person will be selected for inclusion.
  • Please list an author name you would like to go by for your accepted submissions.
  • The deadline for submissions is July 15, 2013.

To submit your work or someone else’s, or to ask any questions about this project, please email it to, or post to the “Under the Skin” subforum in the “Werelist Media Center” section of the Werelist forums, making a new thread for each submission.

Radiant Obscurities

In essence, the intent of Radiant Obscurities is to gather a variety of writings from therians and non-therian otherkin that focus on aspects of “being animal” (whether the animal is extant, extinct, Earth-based, otherworldly, fictional, etc.) but are of animal/animal-like or creature types that are relatively uncommon in the therianthropy and otherkin communities. It’s easier to state what creature types won’t (at least likely at this time) be included on the site: canines, felines, and avians are the main ones due to the commonality of canine and feline theriotypes, and avians due to the existence of the wonderful “Birds of a Feather” site that hosts writings about bird and feather-winged therians and ‘kin (I thus encourage avian writings to be submitted there instead). Dragon’kin are rather common, however, dragon is such a huge umbrella term, I am apt to potentially include some kinds of “dragon’kin” writing on Radiant Obscurities (RO), more particularly if they are kinds of dragons or dragon-like creatures that are generally uncommon or rare amongst the otherkin and therian communities (aquatic dragons are one example I can think of right now).

Kinds of writing accepted can be essays, articles, poetry or poetic-prose, and likely some short stories or fictional writing may end up on there if they fit the desired subject matter for the project.

It can be rather difficult to find writings by uncommon therio-/’kintypes, with many of them being scattered widely (and thus not a more convenient way of browsing them by relative creature-type categories, especially in a singular site), and some people only make one or two writings about their uncommon ‘type(s) and may only end up posting them on a forum, journal, or other personal blog.  I would like to help people be able to find writings more easily about ‘kintypes like: aquatics, invertebrates, ungulates, non-feline/non-canine Carnivorans, bats, rodents, reptiles and amphibians, ‘uncommon’ mythical, fictional, and otherworldy/other-realm animal-like creatures.  My aim is for this to be an interesting, helpful, and valuable resource in the otherkin and therianthropy communities for any and all who are curious to read “being animal” writings from [insert uncommon ‘types], and to hopefully help those of certain therio-/’kintype categories to better find writings on creatures similar to or the same as their kind.

2013 Therian Census: A rough demographic survey of the therian community. Review last year’s results here.

Other projects that have been up for a while but are continuously seeking submissions:

Project Shift

Project Shift is an information and resource site, aimed at providing the public with up-to-date information on therianthropy and the therianthropic community. There is plenty of scattered writing on the topic of therianthropy, and plenty of basic ‘What is Therianthropy?’ articles, but thorough resources are uncommon, and Project Shift intends to fill that niche, to help new therians and people interested in therianthropy better understand what it is. We are both an ongoing project and a community effort, and we welcome new ideas and contributions.

Birds of a Feather

If you’re a bird or identify as a bird in some way, and you’ve written something about the subject that you’d like to share with other bird-people, you found the right place! If you don’t have writings of your own, you can still help us by suggesting links to add to the various resources and articles pages.

Yes, we also accept submissions if you’re an extinct bird or bird-like dinosaur, a part-bird therian, or a gryphon, tengu, phoenix otherkin and such as – you are just as welcome as any other avian person.

We welcome everything relevant to avian identity and experiences: musings, essays, poetry, reviews of the books/websites/movies you’ve seen, tales you’d like to share, or even your own “UPG” myths and stories. Want to compile a specific information page for your type of creature? Go ahead! Want to write a critical commentary of your favorite fictional bird character? Just do it!

This place is a constant Work In Progress so the actual content is not exhaustive. Anything relevant or helpful for bird-folks can fit in this project. If you have a writing to share here, just contact Tsu, Meirya… or just any of the contributors really, and send them your writing. They’ll post it and indicate your name, link back to your website if you have one and add any information you deem important.

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