30 Days of Otherkin Challenge

I wanted some prompts for writing about otherkin, but the original 30 Day Non-Human Challenge was not open-ended enough of a prompt series for my tastes. I decided to make my own, modeled in style more closely after the 30 Days of Paganism meme. Feel free to modify and adjust the below to your heart’s content. I’ll be completing this challenge over on Tumblr.

30 Days of Otherkin

  1. Identity: Current
  2. Identity: History/development
  3. Identity: How/why you are otherkin
  4. Identity: Other aspects of your identity (in addition to/besides your otherkin identity)
  5. Identity: Doubts
  6. Kintype(s): Facts and fiction
  7. Kintype(s) Interactions (with your kintype or with others of the same kintype as you)
  8. Kintype(s): Mythology, legends, lore
  9. Kintype(s): What’s it like to be your kintype?
  10. Kintype(s): Common misconceptions
  11. Community: Online
  12. Community: Offline
  13. Community: Family
  14. Community: Friends
  15. Community: Significant others
  16. Being otherkin: Challenges
  17. Being otherkin: Shifting (or lack thereof)
  18. Being otherkin: Reincarnation and past-life memories (or lack thereof, or [non-]beliefs about reincarnation)
  19. Being otherkin: Experiences (descriptions and stories of an experience or experiences relating to your otherkin nature/identity)
  20. Being otherkin: Expressing your other-ness
  21. Being otherkin: Psychological/mental/emotional factors
  22. Being otherkin: Energetic factors (Alternatively: Movement and physicality)
  23. Being otherkin: Value and meaning (regarding or derived from your otherkin identity)
  24. Your spirituality (Alternatively, for athiests/etc: Practices that nourish your psyche/mind/heart)
  25. Does your otherkin identity influence your spirituality (or psyche-nourishing practices)? How?
  26. Fiction, media, and/or music that is meaningful to you as otherkin.
  27. Advice for someone just Awakening.
  28. A topic you wish was discussed more often among otherkin.
  29. One misconception about otherkin you’d like to clear up.
  30. A question you’d like to ask the otherkin community.
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16 Responses to 30 Days of Otherkin Challenge

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  5. clannautilus says:

    Could we perhaps get a master list of those who are doing the challenge in public entries? It would be interesting to see others’ answers.

    My system is also up for discussing the topics; you and we have Agora for that, but we also have some friends who aren’t on Agora and are planning to do the challenge. Any forums with more of an open invite policy that you would suggest for those who would like a group discussion?

    We’ve started our own series of posts and the master list can be found here. New posts in the series are scheduled for each Tuesday.


    • Meirya says:

      Sure, that’s a great idea! I’ll get that up soon. As for forums… err, I have absolutely no clue. Otherkin Phenomena takes forever to approve new accounts so that might not work so great. Is Otherkin Community any quicker with their response time?

      • clannautilus says:

        Thank you kindly; we will share a link with our DW and LJ people so they can submit their own links if they want.

        We don’t have an account at OKC so I don’t know. If we have spoons and damns, we may look into that, and into whether we can fast track OKP approvals for people we know are okay, seeing as we still had mod status last time we looked.


      • clannautilus says:

        I talked to Elinox and she said she’s approving OKP accounts during what is approximately banker’s hours EST every weekday. We still have moderator status so we should be able to go in and flip the switch for anyone we know is legit, as well, so anyone experiencing delay, or submitting on evenings or weekends, can poke us about it. (@househesson, househesson at gmail, DW or LJ message, or IM for those who have it.)

        Have not looked into OKC yet, but we could still do it if desired.

        Also, I noticed that you credited us by WordPress-dot-com username on the roundup page…that blog is inactive, so if you have a moment to edit we’d prefer to be credited as House Hesson, with either a link to the blog on NFShost or no link, please.


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  7. hexeengel says:

    Hi, I got here from Reconstructing the Labyrinth. I’m wondering if being a SoulBonder and FictionKin “counts” for this challenge? Let me know if you please, thanks.

    • Meirya says:

      Sure, why not? It’s a meme, it’s cool to be edited or added to or adjusted or used in any way someone wants to use it. I have released it into the world to be folded, spindled, and mutilated to whatever end. ;>

      • hexeengel says:

        Thanks much. I’ll provide you with a link when I get around to starting this.

        As an aside, I’ve started following your tumblr under the name labyrinthvoices to see your Challenge posts and get a feel for the nb intentions behind some of the questions (not being specifically Otherkin, my understanding is limited and different). No need to reciprocate, just wanted to let you know that was me.

      • hexeengel says:

        “nb intentions?” Thanks auto correct for the random letters…

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  10. Arawn says:

    Hey! I would like to change my website to: http://annwyn.weebly.com/daily-thoughts.html

    I fell off the bandwagon because of life, but I’m trying to do this throughout the month of September.

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