Link Roundup

Some nifty things happening around the ‘kin community online:

  • Birds of a Feather: A resource by and for bird-folk. There’s a lot worth reading there even if you aren’t a bird-person, but if you are, feel free to contribute! There are essays, poems, and resources on everything from swans and ravens to tengu and phoenix. If you prefer to follow it on Dreamwidth, there’s a feed for that here.
  • THETA: Therianthropy Education and Therapeutic Alliance. New and still under development in some areas, it’s a site geared towards educating mental health professionals on therianthropy and otherkin.
  • The Kin Cast: A podcast hosted on YouTube about otherkin-related topics.
  • TheriKiNexus YouTube Channel: YouTube videos from a variety of otherkin. They also have a website for organizational purposes.
  • Oceanic Instincts: A WordPress blog by Elinox, a wolf/mer-person.
  • Beneath the Skin: Writings on animal spirituality by a wolf/jaguar therian.
  • Within the Ruins Between Forest and Sea: Essays on otherkin, multiplicity, and spirituality by a multiple system.

Are there any new (in the past few months) sites, blogs, articles, or projects that I haven’t listed here? Let me know in the comments and I’ll add them!

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