Community Building: Unmet Needs

There’s a fascinating, fantastic thing happening on Werelist right now. They’ve started a subforum called The Barn Raising for supporting development of additional therian sites and resources. There’s a brainstorming thread for identifying unmet needs in the community which has already generated some interesting ideas and possible solutions for those ideas.

Let’s expand this to the broader otherkin community. What needs aren’t being met in the ‘kin community as a whole? What have you always wanted to see as a resource for otherkin? Maybe it already exists, or maybe someone else out there would be happy to help create that resource.

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3 Responses to Community Building: Unmet Needs

  1. Akhila says:

    Regarding your proposition for beta-reading/feedback on essays, these are very much welcome on Animal Quills (I know people have posted more “finished” writings as of late, but I know I and some other have also posted articles as “drafts” to get feedback in the past too). Though I wouldn’t mind something like a forum or site dedicated to article feedback and essay revisions, it’s also nice to use existing resources so people and efforts don’t get lost between many different places. Some food for thoughts. :>

  2. Meirya says:

    Ooh, that’s a good idea! I shall post there momentarily. 😀

    Also, get your featheryfuzzy butt on IM, I miss chatting with you!

    • Akhila says:

      I’m… not seeing you connected right now? Did you change your username?

      I’m about to head to bed now (damn time zones), but I’ll be around tomorrow as well so I hope to catch you.

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