My Energetic Health: Grounding and an Energetic Surplus

I ground best outward, from my center, into air and into other people. The usually-depicted downward ground, from the root at the spine’s base, down the legs, into the earth – that doesn’t work very well for me, and so I have to make a regular conscious effort to ground out excess energy.

Complicating this is a related problem of an energetic surplus. In my experience interacting with and speaking with other animal-folk, therians (otherkin with kin-species native to this planet and plane) tend to produce a surplus of energy. They take in the raw unrefined energy of their environment, and their systems process it efficiently and effectively into refined prana, or life-energy. I’ve known a few psychic vampires to refer to therians (particularly mammalian therianthropes) as “energetic batteries”.

However, thanks to the combination of an energetic surplus and a poor natural ground, the extra energy builds up in my system and leads to blockages, sluggish energy, physical aches and pains, and lethargy. The most effective and enjoyable solution I’ve found is to donate prana to someone with an energetic need, benefiting both of us and getting the stagnant energy moving clearly again.

Unfortunately, that’s not always a feasible option. So I’ve worked to find alternatives. The following approaches have been the most helpful for me in mitigating the effects of energetic surplus.

  • Regular ritual practice. Doing the LBRP (Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram) on a near-daily basis over the past few months has been very helpful in clearing my subtle body and getting energy moving again. Anything that burns energy off and moves it through your system works for this, though.
  • Exercise. Mind, body, and spirit all affect one another. Physical exercise burns off energy. I’ve had much less trouble with the symptoms of surplus since I started working out on a regular basis.
  • Ground daily. Ground regularly, consciously, and fully on a daily basis. This is hard for me to remember, but very helpful when I do. Here is one grounding exercise, and here is one more. For me, standing outside in a strong wind can be very grounding; I let myself become mindful of how the wind feels on my skin, let it whip through me and scour off the excess energy, get things moving in my system again.
  • Cathartic activities. Engaging in something cathartic – engaging in something that releases pent-up energy and all the emotions and stress tied up into blockages and stagnant energy – is tremendously helpful, but a bit harder to do as it’s typically a more vulnerable process. For me, trancing through dance to potent music often accomplishes this. So does hiking out in the mountains or prairie. It depends on what is personally cathartic for you.
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