Link Roundup and Some News

First, the news: Beyond Awakening now has a Twitter feed, @BeyondAwakening. It’s mostly just announcing new blog posts, but it’ll also occasionally have otherkin-related news, event announcements, and so on.

Secondly, the link round up: There has been a ton of interesting things happening on the otherkin community lately.

New Websites: A few otherkin have come out with personal websites hosting excellent articles, experiential writings, and spirituality essays. I’m very excited about this and I hope it continues as a trend; it reminds me of the period in the therianthropy community when personal essay sites were cropping up left and right, like Thébaïde, Absurdism, The Sanctuary, Being Lion, Spotted Fur, and many that are no longer around.

  • Eldr: Writings on spirit-work, firebird spirituality, and jotun nature from a jotun otherkin.
  • Walking Between Worlds: Essays on elves and the otherworld by two elven otherkin.

Tumblr: The subset of the otherkin community on Tumblr has been fascinating to watch. It’s different than anything I’ve seen in the ‘kin community thus far. They’re focused on activism (with some cross-over with the social justice community), affirmation and validation of otherness (sometimes going so far as to use the term “non-human” instead), and the nature and experiences of being otherkin in today’s world and culture. In some ways, it seems like a reaction against the trends of the bulk of the otherkin community to say “you’re just human now, deal with it”. They’re doing some very intriguing work and talking about otherkin from different angles than I’m used to seeing.

  • Dear Solace: A secrets and advice Tumblr – This is kind of like a combination of Post Secret and Dear Abby for otherkin.
  • Kin Diet – A Tumblr with recipes and ideas for kintype-related food.
  • Kin Speak states its mission as “an anonymous medium for otherkin people to share their thoughts, feelings, experiences, and ideas in an environment free from anxiety about what others may say or think about them”. It’s also engaged in open dialogue with skeptical non-otherkin in some outreach and activism.
  • nonhumanquotes – Lovely images and heart-felt quotes about being other-natured.
  • Otherkin News is a Tumblr mirror of the LiveJournal community of the same name.


Articles: These are articles that meet the writing challenges posted about before on Beyond Awakening, even if they weren’t written for that purpose.

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12 Responses to Link Roundup and Some News

  1. Akhila says:

    “it reminds me of the period in the therianthropy community when personal essay sites were cropping up left and right, like Thébaïde, Absurdism, The Sanctuary, Being Lion, Spotted Fur, and many that are no longer around.”

    Sounds like a long time ago, doesn’t it? I remember Liesk’s stuff and even Shen Tirag’s couple of writings. And Mokele’s, Keller, Kefira and older folks as well (fortunately I still have most of those on my hard drive).

    • Meirya says:

      Can you send me copies of the writings that aren’t up anymore??? I would love to read them again!

      And yeah, it feels like a long time ago! But really… what would it have been, 4 or 5 years ago? (Would it even have been that long? I don’t know!)

      • Akhila says:

        More like, 6-7 years. Which still isn’t a lot in the grand scheme of things, but eh. It doesn’t feel like this. ^^

        I will certainly send you some stuff when I can.

  2. Aethyriek says:

    Gosh, there’s so much goodness happening right now, I just love it.

  3. I’m actually a fox and a dragon, although I’ll admit that I’m partial to gryphons. >.>;

    Thank you for compiling these intriguing links. I’m personally into the Dreamwidth otherkin community, although it seems like Tumblr is much larger.

  4. swanblood says:

    Do you know who is the person who posted sea slug essay? I want to know so much about what it is like, but I am not a member animal_quills, so, I was hoping to talk to the person privately…

  5. Anne says:

    Nice bunch of links. A while back I started my own otherkin blog though it personally didn’t feel right so I ditched it soon after. Like many otherkin I know, I’m pretty distant with the community nowadays. It’s nice to visit and read others experiences once in a while – I’ll be sure to share the links around.

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