Challenge: Energetic Health

If you search for information on the subtle body, chakras, or the aura, you’ll find a picture similar to this:

This (with variations in the number of energy centers and how they’re depicted depending on culture or system of origin) is the standard subtle body. It maps perfectly to the human form, a line of chakras right down the spine. Some books, articles, and instructors suggest that all the energy centers should spin a particular direction, or that energy should circulate through the body in a certain way, and if it doesn’t fit this model, there’s something wrong.

Here’s the problem with that: not everyone’s system conforms to this model. Not everyone has a subtle body that maps perfectly to a human body. Some people have extra chakras where a wing or tail might be – or their subtle bodies are too large for their physical body – or they’re missing one of the standard chakras – or perhaps the quality of their energy is just finely spun, burning too hot and quick to be sustained by food and earth.

There are advantages and disadvantages to nonstandard energy systems. Some people with nonstandard systems are hypersensitive to the subtle reality – which means they’re very perceptive, but also easily overwhelmed by too much energetic feedback. Some can move huge amounts of energy around, but fit poorly in their bodies, resulting in aches, pains, and serious dysphoria.

The list goes on. Some common categories of energetic abnormalities that I’ve observed are as follows:

  • Difficulty grounding – where in this case grounding is defined as having a method of regularly shedding excess energy. Not grounding regularly can lead to frequent distractedness, light-headedness, difficulty thinking clearly or focusing, and headaches.
  • Energetic deficiency. This is frequently discussed in the vampire community, but it’s also a common problem for fae-kin, demon-kin, and some angel-kin, among others. This can have any number of causes, but usually means the individual who is energetically deficient needs to consciously feed by taking in refined energy such as prana (life-energy) to supplement or entirely supply their energy.
  • Energetic surplus. This is when you regularly produce more energy than you use. It’s worsened if you have difficulty grounding out that excess energy. Initially the excess energy results in hyperness, jitters, and scattered thoughts; but as the energy builds up in the system it creates blockages, turning sluggish and stagnant. This can lead to aches, pains, headaches, and lethargy. Expending more energy (either through exercise, regular energy work, regular grounding exercises, donating to someone with an energetic deficiency, or a combination of the above) can help remedy the issues that can arise from an energetic surplus.

Do you have a non-standard energetic system? What advantages and disadvantages has it provided? What have you found works best for your energetic health?

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2 Responses to Challenge: Energetic Health

  1. swanblood says:

    I have not really worked with my energy system or the chakra idea a lot, but I always feel like I have two strong energy centers at the shoulder blades/base of wings, even though I can’t feel others in my body strongly. I looked up “wing chakra” and I heard they exist, but humans seem to have only one, in a different place. Mine are definitely two, deep in my shoulder blades.

    It makes me very aware of my wings, but it can also cause a lot of pain particularly when I am doing a lot of magical focusing, it aches there really bad and painkillers don’t solve it. I should probably learn how to unblock my own energy… I just have so many other spiritual things to work on >.>

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