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Coping with Past Lives: Articles and Sources

In lieu of an actual article on coping with past lives (which is refusing to be written), and as I’m tired of beating my head against a brick wall of writer’s block, I thought I’d post some links to relevant … Continue reading

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Your Optimal Functionality

I want to clarify what I mean by functionality. Functionality is a scale, not two boxes of “functional” and “non-functional”. For example, a standard measurement of functioning in Western psychotherapy is the GAF (Global Assessment of Functioning) scale, Axis V … Continue reading

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Apologies for the Inactivity

My apologies for the inactivity! We’re still around; unfortunately, sometimes life gets in the way of writing blog posts. I’ve got a couple posts on the way, and activity should resume as normal (at least 1 post per month) from … Continue reading

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