Challenge: Coping with Past Lives

Many otherkin and therians believe their otherness is caused by reincarnation: from living a past life (or many lives) as something other than human, such that it shaped their spirit or influenced who they are now. Otherkin in particular often seek to remember more of their non-human lifetimes to glean more information about who and what they once were.

I will not be talking about how to remember your past lives here. There are spades of new age websites and books providing tips and techniques of varying quality. What I see less of, and what I’m more interested in, is this:

How do you deal with past life memories?

My otherkin nature is not past-life based, and I’ve never sought to remember my past lives, but I’ve had memories surface unbidden. Moments of this life, or that one; emotional and tactile snapshots, never whole-cloth memories. For me, it happens as vivid recurring nightmares, or as an unfolding pressure behind my forehead, a blur of emotion and knowing and sensation. Sometimes they’re memories that affect me now, in the present. Sometimes they’re intrusive. Often they’re unpleasant – hence why I’ve not tried to remember more.

Traumatic memories seem to stick with people more vividly than pleasant ones. I know I’m not alone or even uncommon in my experience; I’ve met many people who’ve remembered downright terrible things happening to them (or by them). Sometimes that-which-was bleeds into that-which-is: I dissociated one past life self for a time, and I know others who’ve had similar experiences, or who have shifted back and forth between their now-personality and their then-personality when processing a particular lifetime.

And so, my challenge is this: How do you deal with past life memories? How do you handle intrusive memories? How do you process past memories, and what do you do if you-that-was is someone that you can’t seem to respect or approve of?

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2 Responses to Challenge: Coping with Past Lives

  1. ekunyi says:

    I’ve never thought of my animal-side as past life based either. The only experiences I’ve had with anything that might have been a past life stemmed from repetitive traumatic dreams, and I was always very much human. I did not care much for the person I felt myself to be; she was cowardly, servile, and never moved past the awful things that happened to her. Honestly I never thoroughly explored it, just sought to see which of those traits I displayed in my current self, and tried to avoid them.

    Do others experience these memories outside of dreams? Like actual flash backs in the middle of the day? Answers appreciated, or perhaps links to sources where I could educate myself if this is fairly common knowledge for most.

  2. Lee says:

    Hi, i have decided to try to research past lives. My boyfriend had been going through this for as long as he could remember, but he didn’t quite realize what was going on. It was tolerable, so he pushed it to the back of his mind. However, this previous summer, he saved his best friend’s life from drowning which has awakened him to more vivid recollections of past memories. Since then, he has been battling depression and feels lost. He has tried talking to someone, but he felt as if they didn’t know or believe what he was going through. So that is why I am here, trying to figure out what I can do to help him.

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