Link: Coping With and Control Of Therianthropy

I stumbled across this article written by RagdollTherian and had to share it here. Coping with and Control of Therianthropy is a very practical list of suggestions and techniques for dealing with control issues as an animal-person.

Several of the approaches are similar to my own hard-learned methods for dealing with my birdness, as described in Balancing Feathers and Pinions. But RagdollTherian also makes suggestions I’d never imagined, such as mantras, engaging in play with toys meant for pets, and improving reflex control by training in a martial art or other such discipline (the last of which was a contribution from Sephiroth-ac).

I’m excited to see someone else writing about this!

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2 Responses to Link: Coping With and Control Of Therianthropy

  1. Judy says:

    Meirya, I would like to give credit where credit is due… the last idea you mentioned was not my own, but another therianthrope’s, and how glad I was for it, because it really filled out the guide. Sephiroth-ac, through a long back-and-forth, managed to explain to me that he used animal-style martial arts to learn to control his shifts/urges better. I can’t seem to find the thread this conversation was in, so maybe it was deleted, since its only purpose was to introduce and revise this guide.

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