Introductions to Otherkin and Therianthropy

This blog is primarily intended for readers who are familiar with, and identify as, otherkin or therianthropes. However, it occurs to me that people might find this who aren’t familiar with the concepts therein, so here’s a basic “otherkin 101” resource post.

Note that for the purposes of this blog, I’m defining an otherkin as a “person who identifies in some way as something other than human”. I’m defining a therianthrope as a “person who identifies in some way as a non-human, Earth-native animal”.

Therianthropy Resources

  • Project Shift: A therianthropy information and resource site. Also check out their Resources page for links to other useful sites and some forum communities.
  • The WereLibrary: A directory of therianthropy-related writings. Particularly check out the Newcomers section for a variety of viewpoints.

Otherkin Resources

  • Wiki/FAQ: A somewhat out-of-date but still fairly relevant and informative wiki/FAQ on otherkin. The other Articles on may also be of interest.
  • Orion Sandstorrm’s Non-Fiction Writings: Three extensive projects in .pdf form by Orion Sandstorrm: a comprehensive history of the otherkin community, a directory of otherkin and therian writings, and a book-list.
  • A Field Guide to Otherkin, by Lupa: A solid introduction to and detailed overview of otherkin and therianthropes. She did an extensive survey of over 100 otherkin and therians; that, along with her own experience in the otherkin community, informs this book.
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