Challenge Responses

Last month, I posed a challenge to write about the experience of being otherkin. This garnered some truly excellent responses. I wanted to share what I found scattered across the Internet.

I also poured through Orion Sandstorrm’s recently released Directory of Otherkin Writings and Other Works to find any other experiential pieces. Many of these are by animal-folk, but they’re all fascinating to read. Here are a decent handful:

I’m still terribly interested in reading more experiential writings from otherkin! I think it’s a topic that’s rather lacking in material overall, but always fascinating to read.

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2 Responses to Challenge Responses

  1. fellbornmage says:

    …I’ve been reading this blog on and off, and I just finished writing my response to it from a Demon point of view. It’s the first and only post on my blog, click on my name to get there. It’s called Reflections on False Law, True Law, and Humanity. It’s my first time posting something like this publicly so I’m a bit nervous.

    This blog’s pretty cool so I hope it keeps going.

  2. clannautilus says:

    We’ve moved a couple of times since this post and wanted to update you.

    The post on being elf is no longer available on; there’s a copy at

    White Ribbon is still in your blog list on the right but no longer updated; our current blog is the one we gave for the 30 Days of Otherkin Challenge:


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