Challenge: The Experiential Other

The last challenge received a couple of excellent responses on Animal Scribes and Therian Thoughts. Join those communities to read them! The challenges are never “closed”, they’re open writing prompts; so if you still want to write about myth, symbol, and animality, please do share.

May’s challenge is The Experiential Other.

On otherkin forums and websites, I’ve seen a lot of writing about what it means to be demon-kin, detailed descriptions of various elven homeworlds and histories, and explanations of angelic rank and battle. I’ve heard much theorizing about why and how otherkin exist. I’ve seen descriptions of and comparisons between different types of dragons.

All of this is often quite interesting, but what I’m eager to see is what it’s like to be dragon: here, now, in a human body. I want to know how elfness manifests in this life. I want to understand, just a little, the tactile, emotional, day-to-day experiences of angel-kin.

I see such writings often in the therianthropy community: vivid experiential accounts, like this piece on animal and fear by Quil, or this depiction of a shift towards an insect by Earwig, or my own vignette of a hike with a feline-girl and a changeling-boy. I almost never see anything similar from the broader otherkin community. And I want to.

Is your otherness more than memory? Does it affect how you see the world, your mental states, morals, behaviors, thought-patterns? Do you ever have sensory, immediate, present experiences of being other?

Here is my challenge to you: Share a taste of your experiential reality. Write it, essay or poetry or vignette, and link to it in the comments.

Or post over at one of the following:

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4 Responses to Challenge: The Experiential Other

  1. asrith says:

    Here is a small view of what I could come up with in words of what my life is like as a dragon/tiger/human. Not the most eloquent in the world but it works.

    I would love to hear of others experiences

  2. Rhun Hesson says:

    You’ve already read it, but here’s a start:

    And now that we’ve found you, we’ll link back.

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  4. lancefang says:

    A quick poem describing, in order, (two stanzas each) my feelings regarding being a dragon, wolf, and human.

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