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The Ghostly Cat

I’m terribly late for this one, I know. Paper-writing and related academic issues have kept me very busy. Meirya contacted me two months ago about Beyond Awakening’s prompt on animal myths and archetypes, searching for my writing on clouded leopard … Continue reading

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Cinnamon and Myrrh

I identify with phoenix; for far longer, even, than I’ve identified as hawk. Is it a quality of spirit? An archetype? A symbol? I do not believe it to be literal, but – the nature of my connection to and … Continue reading

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Vampire and Otherkin Identity Models

For House Kheperu’s open house this year, I was on a three-person panel on the intersection between psychology, identity, and magic. For my part of it, I mapped out identity development models for otherkin identity and for vampiric identity. I … Continue reading

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Balancing the Trinity Within

I am dragon. And I am cat. I am also human. I am a western dragon – your typical four-legged, two-wings, spikes, all that fun stuff. Yes, I breath fire. Or I like to think I did at one point. … Continue reading

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Otherkin Writings Directory

Orion Sandstorrm has completed and posted a sizable e-book, A Directory of Otherkin Writings and Other Works, Organized by Topic. It is similar to the therian-specific WereLibrary, an index of online therian-related writings, except Orion goes a few steps further. … Continue reading

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Challenge: The Experiential Other

The last challenge received a couple of excellent responses on Animal Scribes and Therian Thoughts. Join those communities to read them! The challenges are never “closed”, they’re open writing prompts; so if you still want to write about myth, symbol, … Continue reading

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