Writing What You Want to Read

These are the things I’d love to read about:

I want to hear how you find equilibrium as otherkin and animal-folk. How do you balance humanity and otherness? I know how I manage it, but my experiences are not the sum total of all otherkin; surely there are other ideas, other approaches, other struggles.

For those ‘kin who focus on past lives, I would love to know the relevance of those past lives to the now. Is it about more than just developing personal mythology, personal spiritual history; is it about more than validity-seeking? Is there more point to it than that? What meaning and relevance do you find in remembering and recording your past lives?

Tell me about your former “Home” – and how do you find contentment and fulfillment living here, now, while remembering and being homesick for then, there? Is it possible to make this place and time home?

What is it like being fae, or elven, or angelic, or any of the other non-animalistic ‘kin? The therian community regularly talks about the sensation of being animal, the feel of it, the instincts, describing the vivid experience of a shift; but I never see that from the otherkin, and I’m deeply curious. Do you ever shift more towards elf or angelic, and what is that like?

For those who have natural glamour, how do you learn to control it? Do you even recognize the often detrimental effect it has on people around you? Are you aware of when your glamour is “on” and when it’s not?

I want to talk otherkin and spirituality, and the possibilities of otherkin as spirituality. How does your identity affect and interact with your faith and your spiritual practice?

Similarly, I’d like to talk about otherness as it manifests in daily life, how it affects mundane activities, how it impacts your day-to-day existence.

And more: How do you connect with your otherness? How do you express it? How do you give that side of you room to breathe and move instead of being locked up inside the human facade?

Perhaps if I write on the sort of topics I want to see discussion on and read from others, it’ll generate exactly that kind of conversation. These are the sorts of subjects you’ll see on this blog, at least from me; if others join me in this project, I’m sure there will be increased variety.

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