Statement of Purpose

I have long complained about the lack of interesting discussion on otherkin and therianthropy forums. I found it only takes about a year to see most of the topics that come up in the community, and then any one forum cycles between those same topics over the course of a few months, again and again with each new member. I grew frustrated and disinterested. I holed up in my little corner of LiveJournal with some of the more interesting otherkin I’d found in the community.

But I never did anything about it. I rarely brought up any new topics except in a more private environment. I didn’t try to facilitate change in the community.

Now I’m trying. Not to change the community, because that’s not necessarily possible for any one person – but rather to provoke discussion, to bring up topics that haven’t been talked to death, to inspire interesting conversation.

My aim is to discuss topics relevant to otherkin and animal-folk without being snarky or judgmental; this will not be a rant blog.  I hope to eventually have multiple writers contributing here, because I know I won’t have the time or energy to update as regularly as I’d like.

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2 Responses to Statement of Purpose

  1. Shojin says:

    Thank you for this. While I have plugging away at my personal writings on these subjects, having an open forum is going to be wonderful for the work and process. Of course, my work wasn’t set up to be dialog, but the ideas are largely already there.

    One of the inspiration bugs that bit me suggested I start focussing on some of the challenges that have been presented to myself and my clan, up here. Things like dietary requirements and sensitivities, otherkin meditation techniques, reiki and energy work with otherkin energy systems, and similar subjects. I am, to my detriment sometimes, relentlessly curious, so I like to poke at such things to see how they work, and sometimes, see how they work differently. This does annoy my non-experimental clan, sometimes…

  2. Meirya says:

    Those are *exactly* the sort of things I’d love to hear about! Write write write. 😀

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